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Toledo Museum of Art Wedding

Now, of course when you’re getting married. The venue is of the utmost importance. And what better place to say your vows in, than the gorgeous Toledo Museum of Art

This culturally and historically significant museum has earned an international reputation for its stunning art collections. Not to mention its one- of a kind architecture, its pavilions, and its well-kept gardens. 

History of the Toledo Museum of Art

Since its founding in 1901, The Toledo Museum of Art has been on everyone’s must-visit list.

Of course, with its gorgeous neoclassical style building, it doesn’t disappoint. Complete, with soaring marble columns, the innovative Glass Pavilion, the countless gardens and terraces, and breathtaking galleries. The Toledo Museum of Art is one of those places that everyone would love to get married at. The Museum offers you the opportunity to hold all 3 of your events with them. You can begin your marriage in the historic and extremely elegant main Museum Building. Or if you wish to have an outdoor ceremony, you can opt for the Georgia and David K. Welles sculpture garden instead. 

Hosting a Wedding Ceremony

The Toledo Museum also consists of a dedicated staff who look forward to helping you with everything from the planning to the execution. If you choose to have the ceremony at the Museum, the staff will help you select the best galleries and coordinate arrangements for a night your guests will be talking about for days to come. Considering the gorgeous art collection, what better place to get married than a museum where the art provides such a gorgeous backdrop for your event and photographs. 

For outdoor lovers, you can also hold your ceremony outside depending on the day, season, and the number of guests. Up to 200 guests can be accommodated outside. In the event of rain, the guests will be moved to the Peristyle lobby

Hosting a Reception

If you wish to hold your Reception in the Toledo Museum of Art, you can rest assured that the highest quality of service and cuisine will be provided for you. As we said, The Toledo Museum is dedicated to making sure your big day runs smoothly. This is why they will also help you choose the best-coordinating services available. Including, music, photography, flowers, and bakeries. Anything you need help with can be dealt with by the outstanding staff at the Toledo Museum for Art

Hosting a Rehearsal Dinner

Unlike other venues, the Toledo Museum provides services for all three of your wedding-related venues. Therefore, you can also hold your Rehearsal Dinner at one of their gorgeous locations. It is incredibly convenient to hold all of your events in one venue. In addition, the most amazing thing is that all three events can be in totally different locations within the venue. The variety of locations available means that you can hold your events in an incredibly convenient yet still unique way. What better place to hold your rehearsal dinner than the breathtaking Glass Pavilion? If that’s not up to your taste, try the magnificently elegant peristyle lobby instead. If one location doesn’t work for you, no problem! You can find something for everyone here. That’s the beauty of the innovative architecture of the Toledo Museum, one of the reasons it is world-renowned.

Photo by Storyteller Adams

Locations at The Toledo Museum of Art

Now, let us move on to discussing some of the locations you can choose for your event. Each of these spaces would be perfect if you wished to choose them for your wedding. However, due to the innovative architectural design of the Toledo Museum of Art, each space is unique. From a luxuriously elegant lobby to magnificent galleries, to stone courtyards and a breathtaking glass pavilion, The Toledo Museum has it all. Every person dreams of this day and has their ideas of what constitutes their perfect day. So, let us go ahead and discuss the details of each of these spaces.

You’re in luck. The best thing about choosing any museum for your wedding is that of course, you’d be able to hold your event amongst some of the world’s best art. But the GREAT thing about the Toledo Museum is not only the wide variety of locations available to choose from but also the fact that they are all breathtakingly beautiful in their way. So, no matter what your vision for the perfect wedding is, there is something for everyone here. 

  • The Great Gallery

Anything we can say about this place won’t be able to do it justice. Surrounded on every side with the epic beauty of world-famous works of art, with a soaring ceiling and the most breathtaking skylight complete with polished parquet floors. The Great Gallery is the perfect place for your ceremony. It can hold 350 people seated theater style and is available for use After Hours.

  • The Cloister

The Cloister is a medieval-style stone courtyard and is stunning. It’s an intimate space surrounded by a long sequence of columns joined by their entablature, i.e., colonnades. Perfect for more intimate ceremonies. It has the capacity to hold 100 people for a reception, 150 people for a ceremony, 60 people for a seated dinner, and last but least, it can also hold 130 people theater style. The cloister is available for use After Hours.

  • Libbey Court

If you are looking for something stately and dripping with elegance, you might prefer the Libbey court. The Libbey Court is relatively larger and can hold around 200+ people for a reception and around 100 people for a seated dinner. It’s an unspeakably elegant entry hall, with columns rising to the ceiling, which hosts an ingenious skylight. You can’t go wrong with the Libbey Court, perfect for everything, from dancing to dinner to cocktail receptions. Available for use after Museum Hours

  • The GlasSalon

The GlasSalon could arguably be called the star of the show. A light-filled, luminous space in the Glass Pavilion that can accommodate all your needs through a sound system, AV capabilities, and adjustable light. You can reserve the GlasSalon alone or as a bonus, you can reserve it together with the Crystal Corridor. It is available for use after hours and can hold up to 250 people for a reception-style event and 200 people for a seated dinner event.

  • The Crystal Corridor

Available for rent alone or in conjunction with the GlasSalon, the Crystal Corridor; both the ingress and the main passage that curves through the Glass Pavilion like a work of art is a definite favorite for receptions. It hosts the infamous Chihuly chandelier, which is sure to take any event to new heights. One of the more spacious locations, it can hold up to 250 people cocktail reception style

  • Libbey Court and Gallery 1

A one-of-a-kind contemporary art gallery acts as the bridge between the Libbey and the Classic courts. It is an unforgettable bridge between the Libbey and the Classic courts and is an ideal complement to both spaces. It can be used in tandem with just one space as well i.e., either the Libbey Court or Gallery. Perfect for a reception, it can hold up to 100 people and has the capacity for 30 people for a seated dinner. Also available after hours

  • The Green Room

Each room in the Toledo Museum of Art is better than the last, and the Green Room is no exception to this. A spacious room, hosting a stunning installation by the famous sculptor Albert Paley, with soaring 30-foot sage green walls. This space is what fairy tales are made of. Imagine having your ceremony here, amongst the gorgeous louvered windows. Truly the stuff of dreams. The green room can be adjusted to fit your every need and has a capacity of 200 people, with 110 people for seated dinner. Interestingly, this space can be used both during and after museum hours.

  • The Peristyle lobby

Next up, is the two-story Peristyle lobby. Its architecture is inspired by a Greek agora and is ideal for receptions, dinners, and ceremonies. Hosting marvelous cobblestone floors, beautiful marble columns, and a gorgeous painted Greek Frieze that will be the most perfect picturesque backdrop for not only your ceremony but your pictures as well. It holds the capacity for 250 reception styles and around 60 people for dinner. This space is also available for use during and after hours

  • The Red Room

Aptly titled The Red Room is a gem of a location. We guarantee you cannot find another space of this caliber for your wedding anywhere. It is called the Red Room because of the regal crimson decor with beautiful vintage period and shuttered windows. If that’s an aesthetic you’re into, this space is perfect for you. It can be utilized for intimate receptions and dining. It can host 30 people for both receptions and dinner. And is available for use both during and after hours.

Photo by Storyteller Adams

Amenities offered at The Toledo Museum of Art

Now that we’ve discussed the details of the spaces, let’s go over some of the amenities offered by the Toledo Museum of Art. First of all, let’s get the big question out of the way. The question is, do you need to be a Museum member to avail these facilities? The question is NO! Anyone can rent out a space at the Toledo Museum of Art.

you have a wide variety of amenities included in the rental fee, including security, table, and chairs, gallery space, and of course gallery space. They also perform a free-of-cost cake cutting service. Some other amenities offered include;

  1. A dedicated event manager and planner throughout your process
  2. Tailored venue diagrams 
  3. Set up and tear down your space, including tables, chairs, and basic linens 
  4. Full china, flatware, and glassware 
  5. Professional wait and bar staff •
  6. Complimentary parking for after-hours events

Other catering and bar services are exclusively provided by The Toledo Museum of Art. They will also provide you with a list of approved florists, but you can choose your photographer, and music services along with other providers. However, the Museum will hold the final approval on all vendors. 

What are some things included in the wedding package?

The amazing staff at the Toledo Museum understand how important your wedding day is, and knows that everything must run smoothly. So, to make your special day even more special, here are some services provided specifically in the wedding package

  1. A 5-hour reception event 
  2. Personalized wedding planning appointments and walk-throughs 
  3. One menu meeting with our Executive Chef 
  4. One menu tasting for up to 4 guests 
  5. Access to the reception site at 10:00 am the day of the reception 
  6. Choice of black or white table linens
  7. Coordinating napkin colors 
  8. Placement of wedding menus 
  9. Placement of wedding favors 
  10. Placement of place cards 
  11. Galleries are available and open to your guests
  12. Off duty police officer on property 
  13. Full security staff, including mobile security 
  14. Audio and visual equipment available 
  15. Complimentary parking for all guests, regardless of timing

Pricing Details at The Toledo Museum of Art

The rental prices are a hot question everyone probably wants answered. This answer is a bit more complicated. The cost depends on various factors. Including the spaces, you want to rent, the time of the year, the day, the time of day, etc. You can get in contact with the staff at the Toledo Museum of Art. They will help you calculate the cost, once they have the preliminary information about your needs and wants regarding your event.

They do have a site fee, however. The starting site fee for wedding receptions during both the peak season and off-peak season is $7,027. Whereas the starting fee for wedding ceremonies during both peak and the off-peak season is $5,009

Catering Pricing

The Toledo Museum has an amazing staff dedicated to making sure everything is just how you want it to be. You’ll be offered amazing catering and bar services exclusively by the Museum Chef, Joe Felix. Along with him, the catering staff will work to fulfill your every need. They will work with you to create the perfect menu for you. 

The catering menus consists of different packages including Continental Breakfast Buffet ($17.50 per person), Hot breakfast buffet ($25 per person), Brunch Buffet ($35 per person), Boxed Lunches ($17.50 per person), Lunch Buffet, Hot Lunch Buffet ($25 per person), Plated lunches ($30 per person), Plated Dinner ($35 per person), Family-style dinner ($45 per person), Strolling dinner ($45 to $65 per person), Cocktail dinner ($20 per person) Packages include vegetarian options

Bar Service & Pricing

The museum has a liquor license and can provide alcohol on the premises. The starting price for the bar service is $16 per person. Pricing can range from $16-$32 per person. This also includes bartenders, a limited bar, house wine, and an open bar.

Reserving The Toledo Museum of Art

You can also reserve a space at the Museum if that is what you need. You can contact the Museum to discuss your event, which will then send you a contract to sign along with a non-refundable deposit for half the cost of your event. The remainder of the cost will be required a week before the event date. You can use Visa, American Express, and MasterCard



At the end of the day, your wish is their command. With the plethora of beautiful locations, you can pick from to the staff dedicated to helping you in every way. There is scarcely a better venue you could choose for the day of your dreams than the Toledo Museum. We can promise, your event will be one the guests will be discussing for days to come. The best part is that all of this can be done without breaking the bank! All you need to do is come down and discuss your plans with the staff. Every person meticulously plans their wedding day, but the Toledo Museum of art is not only a beautiful venue but also has a staff dedicated to meeting all your needs. All things considered; you cannot choose a better place than the Toledo Museum of Art for your big day. Good luck!

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