The 7 Best Wedding Venues in Toledo Ohio

Toledo Ohio is one of the best areas to plan your dream wedding. Toledo is known as the Glass City and is close to both the Maumee River as well as Lake Erie. As wedding photographers in Toledo, we even had a hard time creating this list. Check out the best wedding venues in Toledo Ohio below.

1. Inverness Club- Toledo Ohio

The Inverness Club staff are dedicated to making sure you get your dream wedding. Whether you prefer a grand and lavish event or a stately and intimate event, the staff will assist you in every way possible in planning and executing the wedding you’ve always longed to have.

The clubhouse features large windows overlooking the immaculate course, high-vaulted ceilings, and stunning chandeliers. It also contains many different rooms which can be utilized for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. If your looking for an amazing venue in Toledo Ohio, this just may be it!

Learn more about each of the options, pricing, and see examples of real weddings we have photographed on our Inverness Club page!

2. The Toledo Museum of Art

Now, of course when you’re getting married. The venue is of the utmost importance. And what better place to say your vows in, than the gorgeous Toledo Museum of Art

This culturally and historically significant museum has earned an international reputation for its stunning art collections. Not to mention its one- of a kind architecture, its pavilions, and its well-kept gardens. 

The rental prices are a hot question everyone probably wants answered. This answer is a bit more complicated. The cost depends on various factors. Including the spaces, you want to rent, the time of the year, the day, the time of day, etc. You can get in contact with the staff at the Toledo Museum of Art. They will help you calculate the cost, once they have the preliminary information about your needs and wants regarding your event.

The starting site fee for wedding receptions at the Toledo Museum of Art during both the peak season and off-peak season is $7,027. Whereas the starting fee for wedding ceremonies during both peak and the off-peak season is $5,009

The museum has a liquor license and can provide alcohol on the premises. The starting price for the bar service is $16 per person. This also includes bartenders, a limited bar, house wine, and an open bar.

ou can also reserve a space at the Museum if that is what you need. You can contact the Museum to discuss your event, which will then send you a contract to sign along with a non-refundable deposit for half the cost of your event. The remainder of the cost will be required a week before the event date.

Learn more about each of the options, pricing, and see examples of real weddings we have photographed on our Toledo Museum of Art page.

3. Catawba Island Club

Located on the incredibly scenic Catawba Island, the Catawba Island Club is a beautiful spot for a wedding. The island was founded in 1861 and is surrounded by water on all sides. Regular summertime heaven is located in Ohio’s North Coast region. You can’t go wrong with the miles of stunning shorelines, nature reserves, and state parks.

Located on the western shore of this magical island, Lake Erie is the Catawba Island Club. Guaranteed to provide a special experience. The staff at Catawba Island club will make sure everything is perfect for your big day. From the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony, the reception, catering, as well as a next-day breakfast! 

Ceremony packages at Catawba Island Club starts at $600 while CIC Club offers 3 dinner packages. These range from $40-$60 per person. Drink packages are based on consumption. On average you are looking between $35-$45 per guest.

PS: The sunsets at CIC are to die for. 

Learn more about each of the options, pricing, and see examples of real weddings we have photographed on our Catawba Island Club page!

4. Toledo Zoo

5. Registry Bistro

6. Toledo Country Club

7. Toledo Renaissance



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